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 Concert URMA 21 mai - Bar Hand

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Numarul mesajelor : 1968
Varsta : 32
Localizare : Iasi
Joburi/Distractii : Politica,muzica
Reputatie : 2
Puncte : 1425
Data de inscriere : 29/09/2008

Concert URMA 21 mai - Bar Hand Empty
MesajSubiect: Concert URMA 21 mai - Bar Hand   Concert URMA 21 mai - Bar Hand Icon_minitimeVin Mai 14, 2010 7:58 am

Început: 21 mai 2010 la 21:00
Sfârșit: 22 mai 2010 la 12:00
Locaţie: HAND str Stefan cel mare nr 14

You should know that they sold thousands of albums, played several sold-out concerts, every released single reached sooner or later Numero Uno, bla bla bla.... but this is not the space for press material. You're not here for the amazing/fantastic/extraordinary info, you're here for the simple things. Just like them. It's time for coffee, red wine, music and words. Urma began as a simple journey, one day in the year of 2003. It pretty much resembles a road-novel. Between destinations and among thousands of miles, it took the time to throw unique live performances, compose and record for the three albums it has released until now. -December 2004 – “Nomad Rhymes” -October 2005 – “Anger as a Gift” -December 2007 – “Trend Off”. The band's third album, 'Trend Off', was released on the 10th of December 2007, exactly three years after their first album, “Nomad Rhymes”. This time the team enlarged, as eleven musicians put their hard work into making the music for the album. It was long awaited and very well received by the public. 2009 brings the band back on track for some new events and album planning. The first live appearance of Sorin Erhan, Dominic Csergo and Mani Gutau as Urma band members for this year takes place in Budapest, on the 10th of April, after almost three years since their last one. A set of further surprise live events will take place as a preview of the new album soon to be released this year, “Lost End Found”.

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Concert URMA 21 mai - Bar Hand
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